Tiny Thangka of Samantabhadra


Weight   :                               10 Grams

Size        :                               5 x 4cm

Material :                               Cotton Canvas

The image of Samantabhadra is one of the oldest & among the most complex Buddhism, because of its simplicity & because the figures bear no symbolic objects (accoutrements) which otherwise define the form. Yet most people realise that there is some profound underlying meaning behind the form. The represents the realisation & flowering of pure consciousness. Owing to its simplicity, there are several Samantabhadra interpretations & meanings attached to the form.

The central concepts regarding the image
1. The original self which is perceived a pure awoken consciousness [Skt. bodhi]. The Awoken self [viz. spiritual nature] which realises the delusion of the material world which is the common perception of reality & in doing so is liberated.
1b.Understanding of the sun & moon, which themselves represent time {place} & the human condition respectively.

2a. The eternal Present moment which from the Awoken Mind of bodhi realises the union of the past, present & future.

3. The origin of all form out of which all form is derived & within to which all form dissolves into Nothingness. The nature of truth of reality, explored by the Buddhist Early Schools. These two leading schools are Sunyavada [aka. Madyamanka] & Yogacara. The realisation of the this truth of reality generates the Boddhi-sattva [the enlightened being of ‘pure consciousness’.

4. According to Vajrayana Buddhism all Deities & Dakinis arose out of Samantabhadra. This idea is especially connected ot the Dhyana Buddha Familiies of Amitabha, Akshobhya, Amoghasiddhi, Ratnasambhava & Vairochana 5. Bodhissatva & figure of the Lotus Sutra [Skt. Avatamsaka Sutra] made the 10 vows to guide a bodhisattva.



Tiny Thangka of Samantabhadra


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